Photos, Kitty Drool, & jobs.

As I started to write this, my cat angela hopped up into my lap, shook her head, and flung droplets of drool EVERYWHERE!! I love her to death but my gosh does she ever drool.
It cant be helped poor thing, as she has a tumour the size of a golfball on the left size of her jaw. Thats right, my cat has cancer. However, the kind of cancer she has will not spread, and will only effect the tissue in the area it is in. Now before you go calling me a cat torturer, her quality of life has not been affected as she is still loving, playful, and as healthy as a four year old cat could be. She just cant eat kibble or crunchy treats. And her tongue sticks out a little bit!

Today my boyfriends mother was looking at photos of his childhood and showed me some, my gosh he was so cute!! Makes me a little scared to have children though! I tend have smaller features and well he was a 9 pound baby. I repeat, Im scared. I could luck out if the oldwives tale is true, the babies size runs after the mother. I was only 5,4 so hopefully it runs true XD

Its too darn hot to sleep. Even in the basement its all humid and gross, but I do have to get up early tomorrow. Its 1:48 am. Good night, sleep tight, dont let the vampires bite 😉 (I watched true blood today, give me a break xD)



1:00 am.

So finally I have this thing somewhat how I would like it, Im sure within the next few days it will change as I can be finicky with how I like my things. I will post another section giving a little information about me, as well, isnt that what blogging is about? One would suppose to think to get to know the author before reading what they have to say about certain things, or rather so they can assume what sort of things will be written. Therefore coming to a conclusion as to whether or not this sort of blog would be the kind that would be nice to read..or just the kind of blogs that are funny now and then. So I guess I will get around to that sooner then later.

For this particular I will post pictures of funny LOLcats, as these are ones that have been made of my dear ones. (and also, what else is one to do when its 1:05 am in the morning and can not enter the realm of subconciousness?) 😀

Love Love. xoxo.

YOU do teh disshez!  Lil busy heer.
Mommie! Wez gotta go pottie!