1:00 am.

So finally I have this thing somewhat how I would like it, Im sure within the next few days it will change as I can be finicky with how I like my things. I will post another section giving a little information about me, as well, isnt that what blogging is about? One would suppose to think to get to know the author before reading what they have to say about certain things, or rather so they can assume what sort of things will be written. Therefore coming to a conclusion as to whether or not this sort of blog would be the kind that would be nice to read..or just the kind of blogs that are funny now and then. So I guess I will get around to that sooner then later.

For this particular I will post pictures of funny LOLcats, as these are ones that have been made of my dear ones. (and also, what else is one to do when its 1:05 am in the morning and can not enter the realm of subconciousness?) 😀

Love Love. xoxo.

YOU do teh disshez!  Lil busy heer.
Mommie! Wez gotta go pottie!


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