So this shall be the about me post.

There really isnt a whole lot to tell, at the same time I could tell you everything.
Lets start off with the basics shall we?
~I am a very pale female with naturally ashy brown hair. I like to dye my hair as I dislike my now natural colour as my hair has white and blonde strands in it, making it a very dull brown. I used to have gorgeous blonde curls as a child, who knows what happened to it. ~My eyes are an average bluey green, but they WILL shade or tint depending on my mood, and the mood of the weather.
~I wont give my age, as I will probably not be that age by the time you are reading this, but my birth date was September 24 1989. I believe with that information you can figure it out:)
I went to college for media, then I went for business. I enjoyed the business one more, so I one day hope to own one.
~I have always wanted to be a mother, and cant wait to be one. I am definately a family person, and want at least two children of my own. I may adopt after that.
~My boyfriend is one of the best guys I know, and I cant wait to be his wife someday.
~I have five animal children at the moment.. I am a maternal person so yes, to my animal companions I am “Mommy”. I have three cats and two geckos. Two of my cats live with my mom, as I currently reside in my boyfriends parents basement until we can afford a place. The geckos were my boyfriends before I met him but I have fed them and cleaned their tanks way to many times to not be their “mother” by now. You will learn more about them later.
~I enjoy reading, writing, music, good food. I have some favourites but I might post something later about those as of right now nobody cares im sure:P
I must say though I thoroughly enjoy sushi and other forms of it like sashimi and maki. And Gyozas. mmm Im a wee bit nibbly now!
~My parents are divorced, so that topic might come up often enough…and I was bullied as a child so that will probably come up too.

Anyways, Im off as it is 1:47 am, and the bed beckons.



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